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Custom Masonry

Custom Masonry Phoenix, AZ

As a property owner, you should not only focus on the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor structures but also ensure their structural integrity and durability. Poorly designed masonry structures can lead to accidents and frequent repair and maintenance. This will result in costly maintenance effort and even legal problems if they cause harm to other people and damage nearby structures. You can avoid this scenario by hiring competent and experienced masonry contractors. And if you're from Phoenix and other areas in AZ, you should try our services here at Phx Pavers & Landscaping. Our company has been designing and building custom masonry structures for residential and commercial clients in the state. The quality of our work is second to none, and we promise to continue to provide excellent services to our valued clients.

Moreover, our clients are guaranteed of professional services at reasonable rates. In fact, majority of homeowners and commercial property owners in Arizona choose us because of our excellent workmanship regardless of the scope or type of the project that we handle. Please contact us today at (602) 992-0468‬ for a free cost estimate on your custom masonry project.

Custom Masonry Works

Phx Pavers & Landscaping is known in Arizona for our expertise in custom masonry works. Our skilled and well-experienced crews have already completed countless masonry projects for various clients, so they can handle any type of task that you may require. They also know how to handle and install different types of masonry materials such as stones, concrete blocks, veneers, tiles and bricks.

Some of the custom masonry projects that we can handle include but are not limited to the following:

  • stone and concrete paver installation
  • installation of wall cladding or veneers
  • design and installation of fire features
  • building walls such as retaining and sitting walls
  • installation of custom designed countertops and fireplace surrounds
  • floor and wall tile installation
  • brick works, which may include paved structures and fire amenities


Topnotch Masonry Materials

At Phx Pavers & Landscaping, it is our policy to use only the finest masonry materials on every custom masonry project that we handle. We never shortchange our clients since it will compromise the stability of the structure we build and damage our reputation as a contractor. To ensure that we only get topnotch materials, we carefully select our suppliers and test the products before we recommend them to our clients. We also have partnerships with leading manufacturers, so the materials we use are proven and tested for quality.

Meanwhile, the different masonry materials that we can install include natural stone, concrete blocks and pavers, clay bricks, stucco, manufactured stones, and tiles. Our people have proper training and extensive experience in the installation of these materials, so quality workmanship is guaranteed. We also equip our people with the right tools and equipment when performing custom masonry works. From hand tools to specialized machines such as grinders, compactors, stone cutting equipment, drills, and excavators, we have them in our inventory. These resources help us meet client's requirements and accomplish them efficiently.

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