Travertine Natural Stone

No one can argue about the superiority of natural stones for any outdoor project. Travertine and porphyry are among the most widely used landscaping materials before the invention of more commercially available options. Stones continue to be the best choice for outdoor applications because of the unique qualities that none of their competitors possess.

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Natural Stones for Courtyards, Walkways, Patios, or Pool Decks

Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Carefree, Peoria and Phoenix and other areas of Arizona are lucky to have a contractor who can provide them with quality and beautiful natural stones. Phx Pavers & Landscaping is very critical when it comes to choosing the best stones for your outdoor structures, especially if they will be used in courtyards, walkways, patios, or pool decks.

With so many options available, we have trimmed down the list to the three most elegant stones because of their natural colors and impeccable durability.

  • Travertine. Back in the time of the Roman Empire, travertine was used for amphitheaters, bath complexes, monuments, aqueducts, and temples. The famous Colosseum used this kind of stone and is a living testament to its undying grace and strength.

    Quarried travertine has uniquely striking pitted holes. It's understandable because the stone is a form of limestone. The holes can be filled or not, depending on your aesthetic preference. When filled, the stone resembles smooth marble, leading to some people calling it "travertine marble."

  • Porphyry. The porphyry definition in Greek is "purple." It should be noted that purple is royalty. That's why the deep purple rock with large grains of crystals is called Imperial Porphyry.

    A porphyritic rock varies in color, but its large grains of crystals remain as its dominant characteristic. The usual application of this stone is for sculpting decorative columns, monuments, altars, vases, and fountain basins.

Although we prefer these stones, our clients can still have their own choice. If you want other types of stones, such as granite or marble, we will install them for you.

Countless Applications such as Walkways or Pool Decks

Even smaller areas like patios should be laid with travertine to showcase your stylish taste for everlasting architectural beauty. Don't worry about the moisture and dampness nearby the pool. These natural stones can be turned into pool decks as long as the slip-resistant variety is used.

Talk to us and we will help you transform your outdoor living areas into a stunning work of art.

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